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Christmas Flower Kokina Care–How to Propagate?

The cochina flower, which will create a visual feast in your homes with its red fruits, the color of the New Year, does not like too hot or too cold. Therefore, it can maintain its perfect red color for a long time at room temperature. The most important point about the care of the cochina, also known as the poinsettia, is that it does not need a lot of water. It can be watered 1 to 2 times a week, provided that it is not excessive. As for reproduction, if good care is taken, it can reach maturity throughout the year, and the seeds in its fruits can be used for the production of new cochina flowers.

What is the Name of the Christmas Flower?
The name of the Christmas flower appears in two ways. Another name is silcan. Its fruits are known as rabbitmeme among the people. It is formed by collecting and compiling two different plants. However, cochina is a very valuable flower, as it is quite laborious to bring the two plants together.

What is the Meaning of Christmas Flower Kokina?
For the meaning of poinsettia cochina, it is necessary to look at the Greek. Because it got its name from the Greek word for “red”. It gets its perfect red fruit. According to a rumor, the cochina flower, which is believed to bring luck, abundance, abundance and happiness, does not rot, fade or shed its leaves all year, and a fruitful year awaits its owner. For this reason, it is the most preferred flower in the new year.

How to Care for Christmas Flower (Cokina Flower)?
Kokina flower cannot grow in very hot and very cold environments. Therefore, the place to be found should be at room temperature. Kokina flower is also a type of flower that does not prefer much water. Watering 1-2 times a week is sufficient. Otherwise, the flower may wither, rot.

Another point to note about poinsettia care is that it should not be exposed to sunlight only until February. If abundant flowers are desired, they should be found in a cooler environment. If a healthier growth is desired, support can be provided with vitamins and organic fertilization.

How to Reproduce a Christmas Flower (Kokina)?
“How to reproduce a Christmas flower?” For the answer to the question, it is necessary to succeed in not killing before multiplying. It gives red fruits at the end of a year and its leaves can be planted in pots or in the garden. Since it is a perennial plant, there is no medium limit to which it can be planted.

Propagation by seed method.
Reproduction by steeling method.
Do not allow gnarled leaves to root by planting directly into the soil.
All three of these methods are easier than the other for propagating the poinsettia. Only the ambient temperature, the lack of sun in the summer, and the weekly need for a small amount of water are enough to keep the rabbits.

What Are the Types of Christmas Flowers?
Poinsettia varieties may differ in color, size and flavor of their fruits. The poinsettia, which usually attracts attention with its colors, is an excellent visual tool for your garden or home. You can review our Ribbon Flowers Christmas Flowers options for Christmas flowers that will appeal to all tastes.

What Are the Christmas Flower Colors?
The scale is quite wide when it comes to poinsettia colors. Colors have their own meanings. For this reason, you can choose the flower that you can express yourself in the selection of poinsettia. Christmas flowers can be found in almost any color.

It can also contain tones of all these colors. In addition, depending on these colors, it creates a visual feast with its red fruits and green leaves.

Red Christmas Flower
The most popular color of the new year, the red poinsettia is the most popular of the cochina varieties. This most preferred color of poinsettia is no doubt that it will adapt to your home at Christmas time.

white christmas flower
Another color that comes to mind when it comes to Christmas is white. White poinsettia is the choice that will make you feel the most in winter with its flowers that look like snowflakes on green.

Yellow Christmas Flower
Yellow symbolizes joy, positive energy and a healthy mental health. The yellow poinsettia, on the other hand, means to wish a positive year in this dimension.

When Does the Christmas Flower (Kokina) Bloom?
The cochina flower can bloom several times a year, but usually in the winter season, in December. The fact that it blooms before the New Year also has a great share in being referred to as the New Year's flower.

What to Do If the Christmas Flower (Kokina) Doesn't Bloom?
If the poinsettia is not blooming, there are certain points for it to bloom. The soil of this flower, which blooms once a year, must retain water and be airy. It especially prefers a natural and humus soil. If you have noticed the problem of not blooming, you can change the soil in this way. Also, if the cochina flower is in bud form, it should never be moved.

Why Does a Christmas Flower Leaf Crumple?
Like almost every flower, poinsettia is fed with water. Excessive watering or dehydration causes poinsettia leaves to shrivel and fall. Depending on this, other reasons include being exposed to excessive sunlight and being left in the dark.

Can Cactus be Vaccinated with Christmas Flower?

A cactus can be grafted with poinsettia, and this is quite common. This is the best method for bringing together the best features of plants and passing them down from generation to generation.

How to Plant a Christmas Flower (Kokina)?
“How to plant a Christmas flower?” The answer to the question is quite easy. You can do this in just a few steps:

The first thing you need to do is to soak the seed in warm water for a while before planting, then increase the germination rate and soften it.
The planting site is prepared.
The seed is placed and covered with 2 cm thick soil.
The resulting seedlings should be fertilized for healthy growth.
Planting the cochina plant, which you will see germination in a short time, is easy in this way. If you prefer a healthy and productive growth, you can also provide vitamin support.

Is Christmas Flower (Kokina) Toxic?
Of course, the biggest concern for those who want cochina flowers is "Is the Christmas flower poisonous?" is the question. The berries of the cochina flower, which produce red berries soon after blooming in December, can be poisonous. Therefore, care should be taken before consumption.

When to Take Christmas Flower Kokina?
According to a belief, if the cochina flower is taken before the new year and its color changes at the new year, the new year will be more lucky and fertile. In fact, the cochina flower is a type of flower that you can buy whenever you want. Because with proper care, the flowers do not deteriorate.

How Long Does Christmas Flower Coke Last?
Kokina flower is resistant to winter cold, it can withstand up to -20 degrees. But it is not that resistant to heat. The optimum temperature is room temperature.


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