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Hyacinth Flower Meaning and Care

The hyacinth flower is a member of the lily family and is a type of flower that blooms every season and opens the mind with its appearance. If cared for properly, hyacinths can be really long-lived.

The hyacinth flower, known as the herald of spring, can bloom in all four seasons. It also has a feature such as cleaning the air of the environment it is in. For this reason, it has become one of the indispensable plants of those who are interested in botany.

What is the Meaning of Hyacinth Flower?
Hyacinth, whose origin is Persian, has passed into our language from the word "Sunbul". The word meaning is basically depicted as a perennial ornamental plant. However, the meaning of the hyacinth flower is usually symbolic.

The meaning of the hyacinth flower; It is known as "endless love, devotion and attraction". Giving someone a hyacinth flower means they will love them forever. Of course, this means; It is clear that he bought it because it is a long-lasting flower that blooms all seasons and smells very good.


How to Care for Hyacinth Flowers?
Hyacinth flower care requires attention, just like its meaning. But doesn't everything that is already beautiful demand attention? When you feel that its scent surrounds you, you can be sure that it will be worth the effort.

The ambient temperature in which the hyacinth lives should not fall below 15 degrees.
The most important point to know about hyacinth flower care is that it cannot withstand thirst. In this case, it can dry immediately.
In summer, it should be watered at least 2 times a week. If the weather is very hot and visible wilting has been noticed on the hyacinth, it can be watered every morning.
Since the hyacinth flower does not like heat and wind very much, it should be grown in sheltered areas.
Light tires the roots of the plant and therefore may turn yellow if exposed to light for a long time.
The soil should be slightly moist. Since mixed and mineral soils will feed it, plenty of humus should be used. Plain soils are not suitable for hyacinths.
The most suitable pot size for the hyacinth flower is medium. It is easily planted and the root can grow easily. Of course, it is recommended to replace this pot every year.
If the aforementioned tricks are paid attention to, your flower will be with you for a long time.

What to Do When Hyacinth Flower Fades?
Like every plant, the hyacinth flower has a lifespan. Although it is known as a long-lasting flower, it is inevitable for the hyacinth flower to wither and die. Factors causing wilting of the plant; high heat, wind and exposure.

Once the hyacinth flower has wilted, you no longer need to water it. If you do not intend to reproduce, when the plant withers; You should separate the stem part and the flower part.

The bulb of the hyacinth flower is not disposable. After pruning, store the bulb under the soil. So you can use it again when the time comes. The larger the hyacinth bulb, the more developed the hyacinth flower. In addition, the hyacinth bulbs you keep will multiply under the soil over time.

What are the Features of Hyacinth Flower?
You can buy the hyacinth flower, which is one of the most preferred flowers to grow by planting or to gift someone, at economical prices. The features of the hyacinth flower are as follows:

The most common color is blue. However, there are also hyacinth flowers in colors such as white, yellow, pink, red, purple.
Hyacinth flower is a flower that can bloom in four seasons.
It cleans the air of the environment it is in and spreads a very nice smell around.
It is a bulbous flower.
It is the symbol of eternal devotion.
It is a perennial herb as it is a deciduous flower.
It can reach up to 20 centimeters in length.
You can express your feelings to your loved ones with this elegant flower, which means eternal devotion.

What Are the Characteristics of Wild (Mountain) Hyacinth Flower?
Hyacinths do not only decorate our gardens and balconies. There is a species also known as mountain hyacinth flower. Although this species looks like a regular hyacinth flower, it has different characteristics:

The wild, or mountain hyacinth, flower occurs in swampy areas or fields.
It is bulbous like a normal hyacinth flower.
The color range is not as wide as the hyacinth flower. It usually appears in dark blue and navy blue, and the apex is whitish.
It can reach up to 35 centimeters in length.
In addition to all this, its flowers secrete nectar and are therefore a valuable group of flowers.

How Long Does a Hyacinth Flower Live? How Long Does It Last?
The lifespan of a hyacinth flower depends entirely on the person who takes care of it. The better the hyacinth flower is cared for, the longer its lifespan will be. Since it blooms for four seasons, it is considered to be quite long-lasting compared to other flowers.

If all its needs are met and cared for in the right environment, it will live and flower for 3 to 4 years productively. Even if it is well cared for in the following years, its flowering may become sparse. The average lifespan is 6 years.

When to Plant Hyacinth Flowers?
The recommended time to plant this plant is the autumn season. This season helps it to sprout more easily as the weather starts to cool. But that doesn't mean it's only planted in the fall. “When to plant the hyacinth flower?” The answer to the question is entirely up to you. Because the hyacinth flower 

You can plant it whenever you want. The important point is not to keep the hyacinth bulbs you bought for planting for a long time. Otherwise, the hyacinth bulb will dry out and the chance of sprouting will decrease after planting.

Hyacinth Flower Benefits and Harms
“Can a flower be so fragrant, long-lasting and beneficial to health?” Don't say it, because it's happening! It has a great effect on diseases, skin problems and relieving the body. The benefits of hyacinth flower are innumerable, but the most important and interesting ones are as follows:

It is very beneficial for the skin. It is used in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and acne.
It regulates the digestive system and relaxes the stomach.
It greatly reduces the number of intestinal worms.
Relieves menstrual pain.
It cleans the air it is in and has a germ-breaking feature.
It is effective against impotence.
It relieves headaches.
It has an antipyretic effect.
You can make an ointment when you crush the hyacinth bulb and cook it with milk. This ointment has a softening feature and helps to treat boils by applying it.
Of course, everything good has a downside. Hyacinth flower is in the same family with flowers such as daffodils, daffodils, which can cause discomfort in the body if eaten. It can also cause the following adverse effects in case of direct consumption:

severe stomach pain
For this reason, it is recommended to use methods such as boiling or cooking to benefit from the benefits of hyacinth flower.

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