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Starlice (Strelitzia) Flower Care and Reproduction

Strelitzia flower is a species that easily adapts indoors and outdoors. You can reach this plant, which changes the air of the area it is in, through Ribbon Flowers.

Although the care and reproduction of the starlily flower may seem difficult and strenuous, in fact, mastering some of its details makes a large part of the work easier. Strelitzia, known as the Bird of Paradise Plant, is undoubtedly the most magnificent and unrivaled plant in the houseplant category.

The Strelitzia flower has been named the Bird of Paradise Plant, as it resembles the head of an exotic crested bird. These flowers should be placed in new pots if grown at home. Plants that can rot in a short time in narrow spaces love care. For this reason, it should be pruned frequently and soil should be added to its pot.

The point that needs special attention in terms of maintenance is irrigation. This plant, which requires abundant watering in the spring and summer period, gradually reduces the irrigation rate towards the autumn months. This situation is the same when grown in the garden or when grown in pots. Before watering the plant, it is necessary to make sure that the soil is completely dry. It can survive for a long time if properly cared for.

The method of reproduction of this plant is provided by transplanting a new coat on the simplest and widely known.

Starlice - How is Giant Strelitzia Care?
Starliche flower care should be applied by paying attention to 5 different steps. These steps can be listed as follows:

If you want a lot of growth and flowering, you need to pay attention to the light level during the care of the Strelitzia flower. Needing bright light and little sun, these plants should be planted in an east or west facing area.

A north-facing position for extended periods should be avoided. Because if the starlily plant stays in the dark for a long time, its growth rate slows down.

Another important situation is that the amount of irrigation needed by the plant varies according to the location. Located in brighter and warmer areas, this plant needs more water compared to darker environments. For this reason, when it comes to irrigation in the maintenance steps, waiting for the soil to dry completely will give a better result.

If Strelitzia is grown in an area where the air is very dry, it is important to balance the humidity of the plant. While caring for giant starlis, the leaves and soil of the plant should be moistened frequently and the dust formed on it should be removed.

Strelitzia are typically a hungry plant. Therefore, rapidly growing plants need fertilizer once a month. Plants that grow very slowly and therefore need very little feed are instead pruned every two months. No feeding is then required for three or four winter months.

Air temperature is the issue that is most frequently skipped or not given enough attention in maintenance steps. The flower needs warmth and some heat to grow well, but a lower temperature of 8°C to 15°C / 46°F to 59°F in winter is important so the plant can rest.

Can Starlice Plant Be Taken At Home? Is It Difficult To Maintain?
Starliche flower care can be easily done at home. These flowers, known for being durable for a long time, require intensive care. However, its aesthetic and colorful appearance after flowering is worth the effort.

How to Replicate Strelitzia?
Strelitzia reproduction is carried out by two different methods. These methods are:

by dividing
using seeds
First, it is one of the easiest methods to reproduce by dividing. Strelitzia produces rooted lateral creepers that can be easily separated from the mother plant after maturation. The older and larger these side creepers are, the sooner they bloom. After planting the part you took from the plant in a large pot, you can watch it grow rapidly.

Using seeds, which is another method, will be a little more difficult. The seeding method means you provide more care for the flower and its late growth.

What is the Meaning of Starlily Flower?
Strelitzia flower meaning is pure, warm and natural love. It is also a type of flower that represents immortality and freedom.

Although it comes from South Africa, it is the official flower of Los Angeles. It was named after an English Queen. Sir Joseph Banks brought it back to Kew Gardens, where the plant was officially given the surname of Queen Charlotte.

When Does Strelitzia Bloom?
Another frequently asked question is “When does Strelitzia bloom?” on such questions. These plants do not bloom until they are 3 to 6 years old. In our current climate, it continues to bloom from April to June. However, they have the potential to bloom all year long when in the right place and with proper care.

What is Strelitzia Latin?
The Latin for Strelitzia is Strelitzia Regina. This plant can also be called Crane Beak in general.

Does Strelitzia Love the Sun?
Strelitzia flower grows faster in places with plenty of sun. This plant benefits from both the heat and brightness of the sun.

Is Strelitzia Toxic?
It is mildly toxic to pets such as cats and dogs. Toxic compounds tend to be concentrated in thick roots, seeds and flower heads rather than leaves.

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