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What Are Potted Flowers? Types of Potted Flowers

Potted flowers are species that do not take up much space but fascinate with their chirping stance.

Potted flowers; It is highly preferred to be looked at indoors or on the edges of windows and balconies. You can choose any of the potted flowers with many different colors and shapes. Flowers, which can survive in small or medium-sized pots, will color the environment and renew their energy.

What are the Pot Flower Types? Potted Flower Names
Potted flower varieties are species that can develop even in limited areas. Potted flowers, which are maintained under suitable conditions, will grow after a long time. Potted flower varieties; differ in growth form, size and flowering.

Ribbon offers you a variety of potted flowers with many vibrant colors. The potted flower names offered are:

White Jasmine Flower in Silver Ball Vase

Pink Hydrangea in Basket

White Gala Flower in Black Glass Pot

Medinella Flower Planted in Cream Grand Ceramic Pot

Guzmania Guzmania Flower Coral in Ceramic Pot

Grand Calathea Medallion Praying Flower in Ceramic Pot

All of the plants used in flower arrangements are selected fresh and in accordance with the season.

What Are Great Potted Flowers?
Large potted flowers are preferred by flower lovers who have a large area. Large potted flowers, which are more showy and striking than small flowers, require more effort in terms of maintenance. Ribbon Flowers designs many large varieties of potted flowers. These varieties are:

White Gala Flower in Deluxe White Ceramic Pot

Euphorbia Rubra African Milk Tree in Handmade Ceramic Pot

Yellow Gala Flower in Black Glass Pot

You can find many more great pot flower designs at Ribbon Flowers.

What Are Small Pot Flowers?
If you do not have enough space for outdoor decorations, using small potted flowers will allow you to achieve the look you want. Small potted flowers include:

Pilea Peperomioides Money Flower in Ceramic Pot

Pink Gala Flower in Concrete Pot

Fuchsia Ponsetia Poinsettia in Pot

You can look at these flowers by choosing them both at home and in businesses.

What Are Balcony Potted Flowers?
The variety of balcony potted flowers is quite large. After determining how much and at what time intervals your balcony gets the sun and the size of the area you can allocate for flowers, you can choose any of these types. There are many pot flower options that will color your balcony and change its air. These:

Sweet Alyssum,

It can be listed as Thorenya.
Since the types of potted flowers you can look at on the balcony are usually outdoor plants, they can grow for a long time without rotting and wilting, even with routine maintenance.

What Are Home Potted Flowers?
Houseplants are in the category of indoor plants. These flowers take their place in the environment as a part of your home decoration. Home potted flowers, known for their durability and ease of care, thrive without tiring you and requiring no extra care.

Ribbon Flowers offers unique potted flowers that you can grow at home:

Red Ponsettia in a wicker basket

Orchid Pomegranate flower

You can look at these flowers in all rooms with an average temperature and sunlight.

What Are Potted Flowers That Do Not Dry In Summer Winter?
Potted flowers that do not dry out in summer and winter are extremely durable species. These flowers, which you need to water frequently in summer and protect from sudden frost in winter, can be grown in large and small pots. You can choose violet, Erika Carnea, Gaulteria Procumbens flowers among the tiny potted flowers that do not dry out in summer and winter seasons.

There are also live flower types in large pots that do not dry out in summer or winter. Plants in this category have a structure that can tolerate neglect.

What Are Red Pot Flowers?
Red potted flowers, with their stylish and flamboyant appearance, are frequently preferred flowers especially for special occasions. The most well-known among the red potted flowers, which talk about their durability by continuing to grow for a long time and staying fresh:

Poinsettia Poinsettia
Guzmania Tala Flower

Atatürk and Guzmania flowers are easy to care for and can easily adapt to any area they are in.

What Are Fragrant Pot Flowers?
Fragrant potted flowers spread their scent everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Fragrant potted flowers, which will stimulate your sense of smell and relax you, usually bloom in the spring season. Fragrant potted flowers that you can grow in your home and garden:


The heat-loving fragrant potted flowers have a delicate structure, although they give many flower seeds. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful about their maintenance.

What are the Flowers Hanging from the Pot?
Flowers hanging from the pot are among the very successful species, especially in the field of decoration. Suitable for balconies and windows as well as any indoor location.

It's important to put the right plant in the right place for the flowers hanging from the pot to look their best. Among the flowers hanging from the pot;

Supertunia Petunias,
It includes flowering plants such as Tradescantia.
Since the stems of the flowers hanging from the pot are flexible, their branches are not broken or damaged. In addition, the flowers hanging from the pot grow faster than the others.

What Are Perennial Potted Flowers?
Many perennials are dormant throughout the winter. But it will grow and bloom again in the spring and summer. There are many long-lasting potted flowers options, but some of them can be listed as follows:


Aster (Michaelmas daisy)

If you are ready for many years of flower care and pruning, long-lasting potted flowers may be a good choice for you.

What Should Be Considered When Looking at Live Pot Flowers?
Live pot flower care is different for each flower. For this reason, you should examine the information written in the care guide on the flower. There are stable conditions that every potted flower needs during the growth and development phase. These:

enough sunlight,
regular watering,

It can be listed as adding soil periodically.
The rest of these items are different for each flower.

Is Aspirin Given to Potted Flowers?
Regarding flower care, “Can potted flowers be given aspirin?” such questions are asked. Aspirin makes the pot flower grow more lively and healthy. Biweekly; You can strengthen the immune system by squeezing the aspirin you dissolve in water onto the leaf of your flower.

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