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Plant Care - Yucca (Chandelier)

Plant Care - Yucca (Chandelier):




Yucca flower colorizes living spaces such as home and office and adds freshness. In addition, it is a highly preferred plant in the landscaping of areas such as parks and gardens in our country, as it is very resistant to the cold in winter. Some species are resistant to cold temperatures up to -35 degrees. Since it is very compatible with salty soil, it can be grown very easily on coastal soils that are salty due to the effect of sea water. It grows spontaneously in places where Mediterranean climate prevails, such as Spain, Italy, France and Greece, as well as Turkey. Yucca is also a very showy blooming plant species. In some species, the flower stalk is known to rise up to several meters.




How to Water?:

Yucca flower, which grows spontaneously in hot, arid and barren areas in open lands, does not need much water due to its nature. If you're going to prefer it as an outdoor plant, plant the yucca and forget about it. It will be sufficient to water this plant, which requires almost no maintenance, at regular intervals in the summer months of the first year. If you are going to choose it as an indoor plant, be careful not to over water it. After more than half of the soil dries and you leave it open for two days, you need to water it with rested, dechlorinated water.


How Light and Heat Should Be?:

All species of yucca require intense sunlight. If the leaves are very hard and thick, it means they are used to the sun. If it has been deprived of sun for too long, its leaves will become lighter green and weaker. In order for the leaves of the Yucca plant that you will look at indoors to look more elegant, it should be protected from direct intense sunlight. Yucca Gloriosa species is resistant to -25 degrees, Yucca Filementosa species is resistant to -35 degrees.


How should the pot and soil change be?:

Yucca plant loves airy soils. During the pot and soil changes you will make once a year in April, pumice stone must be mixed with the soil.


How Should Pruning Be Done?:

Yucca plant can easily form side branches. The best time for pruning is mid-spring to early summer. Wait for the cut areas you pruned to dry with the air flow, wind or you can use special pesticides. Using things like silicone, wax, paste can cause your plant to rot.

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