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Lets Paint Flowers - Flower Painting Workshop

You are invited to a world of art dedicated to flowers, one of nature's most elegant and beautiful creatures!

By pouring our creativity into flowers, RIBBON florists apply different painting techniques; flower painting art.

With this enjoyable application, we aim to capture the aesthetic richness that nature offers us by touching the flower petals and petals of eye-catching colors. The unique works you will create by combining them with your creativity will make you feel in therapy.

As a first step, choose the flower you want to paint. Is it the cool beauty of anthurium, the vibrant colors of gerberas, or the naive stance of a Strelitzia leaf attracts you?

Each flower has a different texture, feeling and stance. You will realize that you inevitably make the brush stroke that best suits the spirit of the flower you have chosen. The form of the flower will be the best guide for you.

Large plant leaves, on the other hand, will be very nice backgrounds that support your flowers and side players that will add weight to your bouquet.

Since the area to work on large leaves is wider, we are more fortunate to emphasize geometric shapes, lines, color transitions. Or if you are confident in your painting skills, they are candidates to be your main canvas in the art of flower painting.

Unique bouquet arrangements emerge in the flower painting workshop, where we try crazy different color combinations, use glitters and beads instead of the real colors of nature.

In our flower painting workshop, which we held together with dear Duygu Batum influencer guests, whom we know and love from Instagram, experienced different painting techniques and created unique and creative designs from Ribbon flowers. Here are some of them;

With this experience, which took place in the workshop section of our store located in Etiler Bebeköy, we had great moments and a pleasant day to relieve stress.

Doing a painting workshop in our fragrant store atmosphere full of flowers was truly an undiscovered form of therapy!

Can you imagine the children spending time in this workshop! It will be both a lesson that will instill a love of nature and a fun activity.

If you would like to join our flower painting workshop, you can follow us on Instagram to learn about our workshop dates, which we will announce very soon.

You can watch our pleasant workshop video that we left behind here:


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