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Lavender Flower Benefits, Care and Reproduction


Lavender is one of the flowers that fascinates with its appearance while enchanting with its scent. In addition to the flower category, it also has an important place in the fragrance industry. It is among the most popular flowers with its wide usage area, pleasant appearance and scent. In addition, the fact that it is more in the areas where it heals makes it even more prominent. So what are the lavender flower benefits? How is it maintained and reproduced?

Sometimes it is possible to encounter lavender in perfume essences and sometimes in vases with its decorative beauty. Thanks to its easy cultivation, we come across it in different places. As Ribbon Flowers, we have examined the lavender plant for you.

What is Lavender?
What is lavender that resembles a purple sea grown in long rows of fields? Lavender is a Mediterranean plant whose pleasant scent you can smell even without seeing it. It is possible to see it in abundance in the Mediterranean parts of our country.

It belongs to the Lamiacea family of the flower family. This family, also known as Ballıbabagiller, is the birthplace of plants of Mediterranean origin. Lavender is also one of the most eye-catching flowers of this family. Although it is known for its purple color, it is also possible to see it in red tones. Although it resembles dwarf meadows from afar, it resembles spike grains when viewed closely.

What Are the Benefits of Lavender?
One of the healing stores found in nature is lavender. Lavender benefits have been tried and approved by different media before. Here are some of them:

When lavender oil is used on the skin, it heals minor burns. It also prevents acne formation.
One of the other benefits of the oil is that when used as an aromatic, it calms and accelerates the transition to sleep.
It helps to thicken existing hair by supporting hair formation.
Lavender tea is good for intestinal problems and has a soothing effect in the stomach.
Lavender oil used in forehead, neck and nape massage is good for headaches.
Among the benefits, some of the dozens are as above.

How to Grow Lavender?
Lavender is one of the plant species that one can consider growing with its benefits and appearance as well as its scent. When considering where lavender grows, only the famous fields come to mind. However, lavender is one of the plants that you can grow in pots other than the field. To grow lavender in a few steps:

It likes cool soils. Therefore, plant the seedling in aerated soil, whether potted or not.
A soil mixture rich in minerals is ideal.
Warm or temperate environments are suitable for the lavender plant, which does not like cold weather.
Large pots allow it to grow better.
Lavenders grown at home come to life in front of glass.
The watering interval should not be too frequent. It is enough to water 2-3 times a week. It does not like too much moisture, and it does not need to have very dry soil.
May and November are ideal for sowing.
When you choose the house for lavender cultivation, it is enough to follow the above steps.

When Does Lavender Bloom?
It is a plant that is easy to plant and effortless to care for. In addition to these, the harvesting period requires just as much care. May is mostly preferred for lavender planting. In the two months that pass after this period, the plants grow.

The lavender harvest period starts in July and continues until mid-August. Regardless, these periods are ideal for harvesting. Finding a place for itself from cologne to cream, perfume and fragrance bags, lavender can find a place in everyone's life.

What Is the Meaning of Lavender?
It has deep meanings behind its industrial uses and creating wonderful landscapes. Flowers are the silent state of emotional expressions for those who know how to read as they touch the romantic side of people. Some of the lavender meanings are:

White lavender is a more well-known species than red. With its stylish stance, it means the realization of a wish that you want to be accepted. Therefore, it is one of the types of flowers that you can gift to someone whose wishes have been granted.
The purple color represents nobility, both in the sense of being embodied in lavender. Although colors such as black and dark blue come to mind in this regard, purple is one of the indicators of nobility. Purple lavender also represents higher purposes, higher authorities and aspirations.
Expressing more than a plant, lavender also enthrones hearts.

How to Propagate Lavender?
Its seedling is necessary for a sustainable cycle. There are multiple methods for the question of how to reproduce lavender. Some of those:

It is possible to reproduce in dry pots and in water.
You have to keep both of them ready for this process because lavenders don't like to leave the soil.
You should prefer branches with non-flowering leaves.
Separate the leaves closer to the root so it can use more of the branch to hold onto the root.
Plant in aerated mineral soil.
Do not neglect to water without interruption for three days.
You can reproduce it in a few simple steps.

Where Does Lavender Grow?
This plant, which is prone to the Mediterranean climate throughout the world, comes to life mostly in the Mediterranean region in Turkey. It has different growing points, especially in Isparta.

Suitable conditions for its growth are classically temperate climatic features, excluding intense humidity. Sufficient water, plenty of sun and permeable soil are ideal for lavender.

What Does Lavender Do?
Lavender is a product with its own industry. Therefore, its production, distribution and consumerism takes place intensively. It is common in many fields, especially in cosmetics. Perfume essences and aromatic oils are the areas where they are used a lot.

In recent years, lavender has also affected the tourism tourism on its own. The attractiveness of its appearance increased the visits to the lavender fields at harvest time.

Lavender flower is a great gift option with its benefits, the air it adds to the decoration and the arrangements it creates by meeting with other flowers with beautiful combinations.

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