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Effortless, Strong and Cool: Cactus


Cactus look less noticeable from the outside than other plants or flowers. Even for some of us, cactus have a rough appearance. But when the right time comes and they bloom, they cause us to reconsider this idea. In fact, cactus adds a different beauty to their environment with their unique aesthetics.

In this article, we step into the unique world of cactus and answer all the questions about cactus.

Let's start with what is a cactus...

Cactus plants from the succulent family, which have about 2,000 different varieties, are a very popular desert plant. Cactus grow in North and South America, as well as parts of Canada and Africa. Cactus have a special structure that can grow in desert conditions. With their thick skin, they reduce water loss to a minimum. Of course, all these things we mentioned are about the saguaro cactus that comes to mind first. Cactus come in many different sizes and forms and can grow in most environments, including a small pot.

Cacti have a durable structure

We mentioned that cactus are actually a desert plant. They naturally adapt to make it easier for them to survive. At this point, when we examine the outer surface of a cactus, we see that it has a waxy structure. This makes them resistant to harsh climatic conditions. This plant, whose homeland is arid climates, needs to use the water it stores in its body sparingly. At this point, the spines on its body prevent birds and insects from reaching this water. It has the feature of absorbing the water on the surface quickly with its root structure.

It's hard for them to bloom

Cactus need to consume the water in their stems efficiently. For this reason, they differ from other plants in this regard and bloom at night, not during the day. Because if they open their pores during the daytime, they lose most of the water they hold in their tissues. These flowers, which we can see in yellow, red, pink and white colors, can usually stay for a day, sometimes up to a few weeks.

Cactus plant care at home

Cactus, which do not need much watering and care, are effortless and add a different atmosphere to their environment. It will be healthy for cactus that can rot if you water them too often and position them in a spot that receives direct sunlight. Cactus indoors should be watered once a month. You can ensure their longevity by renewing the soil every two years.

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