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Mothers Day

Mothers Day

How did the concept of mother's day come about?

The concept of Mother's Day started with the commemoration day started in 1908 for her lost mother by Anna Jarvis, who lived in the USA in recent times. Two years after her mother's funeral, Ms. Jarvis invited her friends to her home on the second Sunday of May, that is, on the anniversary of her mother's death, and suggested to her friends the idea of celebrating this day as mother's day across the country, and this is how the mother's day ritual first emerged.

The most beautiful and meaningful flowers we can give to our mothers:

Anemone (Mountain Tulip):

It represents youth and longevity.

                                                                                      Anemon, Buket


  • Violet:

It expresses modesty. Violet carries sentimentality and integrates it with nobility, making itself indispensable.


                                                                                     Menekşe, Mor Çiçek



  • Orchid:

Symbolizes kindness, thoughtfulness and the power of femininity. Pink Orchid; Love and Grace, White Orchid; Purity and Clarity, Purple Orchid; Being flashy and brave, Yellow Orchid; It represents innovation and peace.


                                                                                         Orkide, Beyaz Orkide, phalanopsis



  • Iris (susen) Flower:

It symbolizes wisdom, hope and courage.

Purple iris: Symbolizes wisdom.

White iris: Represents purity.



                                                            Çiçek, Buket, Mavi Çiçek, İris       Çiçek, Buket, Beyaz Çiçek, İris



  • Protea King:

This flower is in south africa and is the representative of change and transformation. It also means being resourceful and being different.


                                                                                 Protea, Buket, Pembe



  • Daisy:

It represents innocence and pure love.

                                                                                   Papatya, Buket, Beyaz Papatya




It gives a feeling of comfort, tolerance and warmth. Also called proud flowers.

                                                                                    Lale, Lale Buketi


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