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Alocasia Odora in Ceramic Pot Night-Scented Lily 100 cm

Alocasia Odora in Ceramic Pot Night-Scented Lily 100 cm

From the RIBBON living room plant collection;

Planted in a white deluxe ceramic pot,

Special for your loved ones with "Alocasia Odora | Broad Leaf Elephant Ear Plant";

A very stylish, flamboyant tropical plant from the rainforest that we designed for "home gift" or "office gift", originating from Southeast Asia, is a very cool permanent gift with its exotic broad leaves...


$ 76

Product Description

Alocasia Odora or Night-Scented Lily which is known in our country as the Broad Leaf Elephant Ear plant , was planted in a white deluxe ceramic pot.

How to care for Alocasio Odora Broad Leaf Elephant Ear Plant?

  • It should be in lighted environments, but the leaves should be prevented from being exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Our plant, which requires high humidity due to its tropical nature; without allowing the soil to dry out; It should be watered 1-2 times a week in summer and once a week in winter.
  • Like all other indoor plants, you can tell that it is dehydrated by checking the soil by hand, as well as by rolling its leaves downwards.
  • Water spraying and leaf wiping should be done once a week in case the large leaves become dusty and airless.
  • It is necessary to keep this plant, which can be toxic (poisonous) for our pet paw friends if eaten, away from them or at a height.

We always carefully select the most beautiful and fresh flowers of the season for you, however, the flowers and colors of our plants may differ according to the season and design suitability.

Vase may vary depending on stock status.

In case of possible changes, you will be contacted and informed.


In our Deluxe Collection;

"Alocasia Odora in Ceramic Pot Night-Scented Lily" ;

Grand Boy is an indoor plants.

Pot size: 20 cm, Plant Size: 80 cm, Total 100 cm


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