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RIBBON Flowers & Design

Ribbon Flowers & Design is a floral design studio that attracts attention with its fresh flowers and creative designs. Founded in 2014 by Buse Üçer in Reşitpaşa, Ribbon Flowers & Design offers floral designs and concept consultancy for various organizations such as invitations and launches, as well as flower order and weekly flower membership services.

Buse Üçer

Ribbon Flowers & Design Co-Founder and Flower Designer

'' After graduating from University of Miami Business Management in 2010, I worked in New York for two years. I moved to Istanbul and in June 2014 I established Ribbon Flowers & Design as a weekly flower membership service. I started to receive flower orders for special occasions when my flower designs I prepared in my house were very popular. A few months later I decided to open a flower shop, and I opened my first shop in Reşitpaşa. I love to be intertwined with flowers, my favorite part of my job is to produce new products and different designs. The different colors, textures and beauties of the flower world inspire me. ''

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Ömer Üçer

Ribbon Flowers & Design Co-Founder and General Manager

"I graduated from German High School and started my university studies at the University of Virginia. I graduated from Finance, International Business and Economics departments in 2008. After working as a financial consultant at Ernst & Young for four years in New York, I moved to Istanbul and with my startups Ribbon Flowers, Papillone Bespoke Tailors and Regal Mimarlik, I've been pursuing my goals in entrepreneurship that I have been dreaming about since I was a little boy."

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Eyüp Karasoy

Ribbon Flowers & Design Partner and Flower Master

"I entered the flower industry at the age of 16, and I grew up cooking in the kitchen. I am inspired by the colors of nature and trends in my floral designs. I like to keep up with innovations and new types of flowers. I love my job and I do it with love because I can be very colorful, dynamic and creatively free. It always makes me happy to touch people's hearts with my designs."

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